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Natalie Barovsky

Joined In May 2020

About Me

In a busy life, photographs remind us of what is most important. Remember the day you married your sweetheart, the year you became parents, the special birthdays, the first day you brought the puppy home, the week you became self-employed? Life is big. Let me photograph how you feel at these moments, and especially the important people you share the milestones with. Document them. Celebrate them. These will be the photos that make your heart smile and your eyes leak, the ones you want to look at forever. Let me create them for you. Let me show you how you feel. Alternatively, in these covid times of renovating the spaces we are now spending more time in, look for something inspiring and beautiful for your walls. Take a stroll through my online art gallery and find the perfect limited edition fine art print. www.natsky.com.au/natsky-prints.


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